About Brooks Law Office

Everything About Us

Why Brooks LAW OFFICE.

BLO is committed to providing our clients with an exceptional client experience. This includes offering our clients reasonable rates and speedy response times within a twenty-four (24) hour turnaround period. We also offer free consultations and extended evening/weekend appointments to accommodate our clients' availability.

Our Mission.

Building and sustaining a successful law practice takes more than legal skills. At Brooks Law Office, we are devoted to providing quality legal services to our clients. Our primary mission is client satisfaction. We are proud of the close personal relationships we build with our clients and resolve to maintain that relationship as we work with clients to find an effective resolution to their legal matters.

What we Do.

BLO was established by Irena Brooks who has studied and worked in the areas of law and real estate for several years. We possess an innate ability to recognize unique client needs and opportunities. We also provide access to justice to individuals who may not usually be able to acquire legal services. Our boutique law firm is extremely client focused. We are building our brand, our city and our community; inclusively.

About Irena

John Doe

Irena J. Brooks

B.A. (Hons.), J.D.

Irena obtained her law degree from Western Michigan University in 2014 and is a member of the Bar of Ontario. Irena began her legal practice with an in-house legal department focusing in the areas of: human rights, privacy, education and corporate law.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she honed on this natural skill and launched her own practice in 2018. Irena is dedicated to her clients’ matters and works tirelessly to achieve results in their favour. She is skilled in completing residential real estate transactions, advocating for her clients in court and representing her clients in administrative law matters.

Irena is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, Ontario Bar Association, Toronto Lawyers Association, and Black Female Lawyers Network. When not attending to client matters, Irena enjoys travelling, cooking, working out and spending undivided time with her daughter.