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Education/Privacy Law

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We provide advice to school boards, parents and students with respect to the interpretation and application of the Education Act and Regulations and Ministry of Education policies and directives, special education, human rights law, privacy issues, student discipline, labour and employment matters, criminal law and the Youth Criminal Justice Act, as applied to the education sector, family law matters impacting on the education sector, and advice and assistance with respect to drafting policies and procedures

Wills and Estates

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A Will is an essential document to be written before death. Without a Will, your assets may not necessarily end up going to your desired loved ones. Your Last Will and Testament outlines and enforces your wishes regarding your estate. Dying without one may mean your assets will be distributed against your wishes. We assist countless clients with the drafting and preparation of wills and powers of attorney for health care and property to ensure you are well taken care of upon death.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

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A real estate transaction is one of the most expensive and valuable investments you will enter into during your life. Brooks Law Office guarantees we will work hard to ensure each closing transitions as smoothly as possible. Our office ensures that each file is handled and reviewed by a lawyer from commencement to completion. We are readily available to answer any inquiries or concerns you have with your purchase and/or sale.